5 Goals you can set for the new year

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Every year many people on new year’s eve make a report of facts and things that happened during the previous year – and in some way during all their previous years. After this report everybody concludes if and how much satisfied is or not regarding facts that came up or actions that they made during the previous year. In addition, they realize what went wrong and what could be better. In this way a lot of people decide to make some decisions or to set some new goals for the new year, in order the whole report procedure to be considered as “fruitful”, meaningful and with objective results.

The truth is that I never understood why exactly all of us feel so relieved knowing that soon the previous year will end and a new year will rise. I am pretty sure that all the years of our lives included bad and good experiences, positive and negative moments. We know that life is consisted of ups and downs but still we hope that new year is going to be different, that something really good is going to come up in a magic way and that all the bad things will be significantly reduced. Moreover, some people that they clearly did not experience really bad moments and they feel in general that many good facts happened during the previous year, they still seem to want the new year to come as soon as possible. Probably they hope that next year good facts will continue or they believe/expect that better things will come up to their lives. Stupid prejudice or simply a need of all of us to experience a better day – or year – tomorrow?

Prejudice, need, hope or stupid idea, but still we all want a better future. How can we have the future we want? What should we do or what should we change to experience soon all those we dream? Maybe that we could change is the way we think regarding what we wish and ask each year as a “present”. If there were some new years’ eves that we wished for a big love or a better job, then maybe it is time to ask for something really precious. Should we wish our lives to be changed in a deep and meaningful way in order to be better?

With this thought I started writing my last article for 2013. I wanted to write about goals that would be positive to be set by many people, if they desire to see a more beautiful future coming or if they want to see themselves happier. The goals that many of us could set and slowly success during the new year are:

1.      Let’s feel more thankful for everything that we have or it is around us: The more grateful we are for things that we have and facts that happen, the more fuller are our lives and the less we ask. The less we ask, the less we feel regression and addiction to success and conquests.

2.      Let’s stop expecting from the others to change/evolve: As we expect a change/improve from the people around us, we postpone our personal change/improvement. If we change then maybe many others around us will change. Or as I read one day in a book: “I cannot change the world, but I can change a small part of this world: me. If I change, automatically changes the world as I am a part of it, right?”.

3.      Let’s stop asking all the time more love/respect/understanding from the others: You can assert them but first be completely sure that you have enough self-esteem and self-confidence. If you love and respect yourselves then many others will feel the same for you. Come close to more people, show first that you care, ask the others if they are and feel alright and if give them support if they need it. Additionally, express your thoughts and emotions openly (yes, speak about them!), because nobody has – or should have – mantic ability!

4.      Let’s have rational and positive thoughts: Instead of everything negative that comes from televisions, unpleasant conversations around us or the personal unhappiness of people around us, we should keep smiling by having the thought that things cannot be always bad. Better days are always coming!

5.      Let’s accept change as something unavoidable but also good element of our lives: We all agree that some changes are not easy, but often bring something new and positive in our lives. They could make us feel more refreshed, evolved, with more chances. However, excesses are never needed. Everything in our lives should have normal standards. Our refusal to change can be proven really bad for us but on the other hand the absence of stable parameters in our lives is equally negative.

 That’s all for now from me. Our next rendezvous will be in 2014.

I wish you all have a new, interesting, creative year. Except of health and love (the most important things), I wish you meaningful communication and mutually understanding with the others in order to create (or to renovate) your relationships in a right way.

Happy New Year’s Day and Happy New Year!


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