Empathy VS Sympathy

“Empathy” is a word used by few people and only during the last years. Many people don’t know what this word means and others use it in a wrong way or think that it is a synonym word το “consciousness”, “intuition” etc. Maybe the closest meaning and the most synonym word to empathy is “sympathy”. Yet, its’ meaning differs much from the meaning of “sympathy”.

We say that we “sympathize” someone when we feel “positive attitude or interest towards him/her”. So, sympathy is a positive emotion or a positive behavior towards a person. On the other hand “empathy” is something much deeper. It has to do with “the deep communication with others through the emotional identification or understanding”. Thus, if somebody faces a problem what needs more? Sympathy or empathy? An answer is given in a wonderful smart way through the video below.

Sympathy is a positive but also a shallow and standard emotion. It doesn’t make us feel inconvenient, so it doen’t make us think differently and feel what another person feels. We try despereately to find something positive to say because we don’t want to understand the difficult position that he/she has been put. The thing is that only empathy can make us patient and understanding. People who are able to feel empathy know to listen carefully, to be in somebody else’s shoes and completely understand how the other person feels. They don’t feel only some simple positive feelings for the others. They strongly and deeply communicate and connect with others. That is why people who are capable to feel empathy are also capable and know how to love.


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