Short film against bullying

A really brilliant idea of an organization against bullying of chidren and adolescents (Singapore’s Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth) to publish a short film which getting smaller everytime someone shares it. This really smart idea of dicreasing the video duration each time (0,001 second with every share) is directly related to the name of the campagne: “Share it to end it”.

Bullying is a timeless social phenomenon which unfortunately experience many children and adolescents in this world. Different kinds of bullying could lead a child/teenager to various situations e.g. depression, panic attacks or even suicide. People who are bullying victims usually don’t talk about their negative experiences and feel helpless. But no one can help a bullying victim if he/she doesn’t know for sure that someone is a bullying victim! That’s why we should not be afraid to say that we are victims of bullying! The campaign is clear about it: “We can end bullying by talking about it”.


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