What true life fighters already know

Thumbs up, you won a fight!
Thumbs up, you won a fight!

Dedicated to all who lost a fight but they want to win many of the next ones!

A true fighter of life already knows that:

“The right way is the climbing up” Nikos Kazantzakis

No one said that life is easy. If we ever heard someone saying something like this, well this one was lying (or years later  destroyed his/her life because he/she couldn’t stand to experience things in such an easy way!). Life always asks to do our best and only after significant effort it give us precious “gifts”. These gifts are result of our struggle and confirmation that no, our effort is not for nothing.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” John Kennedy

An obstacle cannot stop our continuous fight to succeed everything that we want and dream. An obstacle may delay us, may disappoint us, may make us feel fear, may disorientate us. But an obstacle cannot stop us. Our selves are always here with their needs. They ask to be happy. They ask a kind of meaning.

“Adversity creates men and prosperity creates monsters” Victor Hugo

You should never doubt that the most wonderful people around us are those who managed to get winners under some difficulties. It is rare to meet really good people who didn’t experience difficulties as problems create strong persons, full of bravery and with clear eyes.

Try to become beautiful through your life difficulties. Don’t become from those who get more cruel and inhuman after a disaster. Try to become like those who lost something and then started loving and helping anyone they could.

“The darkest hour is just before the dawn” Thomas Fuller

Don’t forget that nothing lasts forever. Neither pleasant or unpleasant situations. Accept circles of life. Laugh a lot and jump in the air when you feel happy. Cry as much as you can and learn how to swallow your tears. Tomorrow everything will be different again.

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