10 ways to feel happy everyday

Stay happy!
Stay happy!

“I have decided to be happy because it’s good for my health” once said Voltaire. And he was completely right when he said that “decided to be happy”. Happiness is nothing more than a life decision. In other words happiness is about the change of our personal stance with direction a positive and not a negative part of any situation. Happiness is not automatic or obviously expected and it is rare to come to our lives without any action by us. We should always kindly invite it and let’s hope that it will honor us with its presence.

It is easier than we usually think to bring happiness in our daily routine. By using simple, practical ways we  can literally experience often small (or big) moments of happiness. The ways to be happy could vary for each person but there are some general ways which could bring happiness to the lives of most of us.

  1. Read an interesting book. There are so many studies which have shown that when people “experiencing” different life-stories through reading they could “actually travel” in another world. It has been proven that reading could make us feel more relaxed, optimistic, less stressed and the future percentages of different kinds of dementia are highly decreased.
  2. Listen to music. Nitsche once said that “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Don’t you agree with him?
  3. Eat your favorite dish. If “the way to a man’s heart is stomach” then a good meal could actually make you really happy! For those who are open to new experiences there are many possibilities to get excited with a new, still unknown, taste!
  4. Watch the movie you always wanted. Now that you have the time to watch it you will feel extra happy and –finally!- this movie will go out of the permanent “list” of movies you want watch during your lifetime.
  5. Take a walk to the countryside. If trees, refreshing wind and singing of birds cannot relax you and make you to stop a bit all the bad thoughts, then we should try a lot to find something more effective!
  6. Exercise. Maybe sometimes you think that exercising is kind of boring or not necessary but I can assure you that helps you conserve your physical but also your mental health: you get rid of stress, you are in a better mood and you can finally have a peaceful, continuous sleep.
  7. Go out with beloved friends. “Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: that’s the ideal life” once said Mark Twain and I agree with him (but still for the third part I am wondering!)
  8. Call someone that you have missed and you didn’t have his/her news for a long period. The joy of sharing your recent experiences with one person that you care about and the sense that you gain some of the lost time that you could have with him/her will make you believe again that people lose real contact when they don’t care or when they want to lose it.
  9. Gossip! In older studies it was found that even apes love social commenting, so they usually make groups just to “gossip”. Critique and exchange of opinions in a company (especially when you speak about meaningless but “juicy” stuff) could relax you, make you forget your everyday problems and obviously laugh till to cry!
  10. Say “I love you”. There is nothing more beautiful in our lives but saying/reminding to everyone that we love that we actually love them! It is not obvious, they are not obliged to guess it or to remember it every single moment. Don’t be afraid to say “I love you” every time that you have the chance. Moments pass, life goes by and maybe in the future it will not be so easy to say it. So, say it now!

2 thoughts on “10 ways to feel happy everyday

  1. Nice article once again Ms.Psyche! I like more “make the choice to be happy” or “choose happiness” (maybe just me having issues with making decisions he he). Point number 6 not in bold!!!??? Might I propose a small adjustment: (sex)exercise :-)

    • Ooops! Nice and really helpful comment Afro! Point 6 was supposed to be bold but for some reason the word “Exercise” was not copied from my previous document. Thanks to you it’s here now, in bold! 😉

      As for the “sex-exercise”: Sure, adjustment accepted! 😉

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