Dear parent: Raise independent children

Raise healthy, free children
Raise healthy, free children

Today I start sending some “epistles” to share my thoughts with you. The truth is that it has been a while since I wanted to tell you some things and since you are here now reading these lines, I hope to have your attention in my first request and also to all the following ones.

I start immediately by asking you maybe the most difficult thing regarding the relationship with your kid: Please do me the favor to love your child by leaving it to “breath” by itself. You have your lungs and your kid has its’ own lungs. Fortunately, oxygen is enough for all of us. So each of us should breath by ourselves while we remain close to each other.

Of course I already know that your child was addicted to you for many years and probably he/she will continue to be. However, your job is not to conserve this addiction but minimize it. Your parent duty is difficult because in simple words you must teach to an enormously beloved person how to live – easily and independently – without you in his/her life. Nobody said that it would be a simple or relaxing work.            It is one of the many responsibilities you have as a parent and probably is the most important one!

Believe me the biggest pride you will feel will be by seeing your mature child living successes and failures, strong happiness and sad moments of consciousness, but beyond all living his/her own life in the way he/she wanted and dreamed of. In addition, try not to forget that the saddest conclusion for a parent is that he/she pushed his/her kid to live an unsuitable life. A miserable – with no experiences – child will always put the blame on his/her parents for the unhappy life he/she experiences. Poor the parents who are aware of the fact that they made sad, without interest the life of their children. Don’t trap yourself in this way and also don’t trap your own child!

That’s all for now. Until my next epistle to you, take care.


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