Dear parent: Learn to support your kid

Support your child
Support your child

Dear parent I am here today with a new request for you: Try to support your child honestly every time you realize it needs you. Moreover, stop blaming your kid for everything it does but probably it was learnt by you. I know that many times you don’t bother to think that a behavior of the teenager/adult you have in front of you is a result of the interaction you had with him/her all these years. Also, I am sure that most of the times you prefer – reasonably –  to assume that for your kid’s inappropriate behavior the only responsible would be a friend, a teacher, a sexual partner or anyone else convenient! However, my dear parent, this is your child and it was raised in your house and as most of the children in this planet, your child was mimicking lots of behaviors, thoughts and emotions which he/she was experiencing in his/her home. No! Don’t get mad and don’t react in a negative way! I don’t want to blame you for everything bad or negative in this world but I should tell you that it is important to take a minimum responsibility in your life: this would be the nurture of your child!

A good friend almost reaching the age of 40 keeps hearing all these years from his mother the same and the same phrases such as: “You should be very different in this or that” or “Why you react/behave in this way? I cannot understand why you don’t choose to do this or that” etc. My friend often gives to his mother a simple answer which basically is more or less the same: “I am sorry mother, but you made me like this. I am who I am because I am your own child”. The funny but also the tragic things in this story are two: First, this 40 years old man keeps reminding to his mother that since he is her child she should stop wondering how this kid was raised! Secondly, it is obvious that his mother keeps refusing to remember/understand that this 40 years old man standing in front of her was indeed raised by her, so she had billions of chances to reform  again and again his nurture! Sometimes it is just so weird the fact that parents keep wondering how their child is this specific child and not someone different and more convenient for them – and also kind of changing in various situations!

That’s all  for today my dear parent. Until my next epistle, take care.


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