Four ways to feel great because of Christmas

Have the Christmas you want!
Have the Christmas you want!

Today I am here to support all those who hate the upcoming festive period. Today I am writing for all who cannot stand Christmas or feel bored to celebrate with everyone else or intend to feel depressed during Christmas period or/and want to hate every happy person whom they will see around them. So, this post is for all of you who don’t want to experience again all the Christmas “madness” or you desire to spend the festive period in fast forward and magically find yourselves in the beginning of the new year without experiencing nothing red, glossy, snowy or sweet! I hope that after all the stuff that you will read below you will feel that there are always ways to celebrate – in your own way – one specific day as the meaning that you give in everything in your lives is a personal choice and task.

There are many common ways someone to feel happy in a festive atmosphere and there are so many other uncommon or unconventional ones. Below I am giving you 4 different ways to spend this year’s Christmas and to remember them as the most special and interesting of your lifetime.

Help one or more people who need to: Yes, this is triteness and yes, we should not think that only when it is Christmas time . However, good practices are welcome whenever they are done (even if they are a result of an intense humanitarian celebrating propaganda). Just find one or more people who need a kind of help – unfortunately nowadays people that need help become more and more and they are everywhere. You could offer food, clothes, voluntary services or anything else that you consider as necessary. You don’t have to be rich or jobless to try all the above. You need only to spend a small amount of your salary (which otherwise will be spent to stuff and activities you don’t need) and some of your time (which you don’t want to be spent in a common way during Christmas period, right?).

While I am writing these lines I begin to remember the role that Julia Roberts was playing in “Eat, pray, love”. She was a writer in a good financial situation who was traveling for years in many countries around the world in order to find her personal life meaning. In one of her trips she visited one poor country (Indonesia if I remember correctly) and there she met and become a friend with a poor, young woman and an only parent of a daughter. After her months-long stay there she decided to celebrate her birthday in a different than the usual way. She sent e-mails to all her friends and she informed them that the money for her fabulous birthday party – that she was giving every year – and the money that all guests will spend to buy her presents that she doesn’t need or won’t make her happy would become a new house and a new shop for her new friend and her daughter from Bali. So, this is a real different and remarkable way to celebrate your birthday with all your beloved ones!

Travel.  All you who cannot stand experiencing one more family reunion, in the same place, with the same faces and the same conversations try to find an economical way to travel and get away from everyone and everything. Moreover, it would be wise and much better for you if you choose a place where all this annoying Christmas spirit will not be present. In this way you will easily forget that some others are celebrating Christmas somewhere else (in the same way as all previous years).

Recall happy Christmas memories. Many times the reasons why we are sad or mad in the present are connected with things and situations of the past which we miss or we never had. Just think why you don’t like Christmas anymore. I cannot believe that you had never experience a happy Christmas period. So, you have, right? How was your life back then? Who was with you? What changed since then? Do you think that during Christmas period you should go back to a beloved place? Do you think that you should search for some people you haven’t met for a while and spend some time with them? However, if you are one of them who insist claiming that they had never experienced a happy Christmas period think: What was missing from your life in the past? Can you have now what you always wanted? Try to figure out what you really need and put some goals. Don’t let other Christmas’ periods pass and you remain fully dissatisfied with your life.

And for the most daring: Ask from an alone person to spend Christmas together. Every year many people don’t celebrate Christmas with beloved people due to many reasons. Find these people around you and even if you don’t know them well, try to share the Christmas meal with them. Trust me, no one, no matter how strange character he/she has will not easily reject a sweet invitation to a celebrating gathering. But even if your invitation will be rejected, it is worth to give a try, yes?

Special note: A friend told me that if he was completely alone during Christmas period – no family or friends to join – he would invite a homeless individual to meal. He would have cook, they would have eaten together, he would have asked to listen this person’s life story, he would have given new clothes (as a Christmas present) to him/her and he would have tried to stay in contact with him/her after the Christmas period. I know that many people could consider this idea as difficult, too much or even too risky. Nevertheless, I choose to write it down for everyone who would like to do it – or have already done something similar – and also because I could not skip this idea from the unconventional ways to celebrate Christmas!

I bet that many of you – even once – have celebrated Christmas in a really different way than the usual one. Share freely your experiences!

Until next time, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s period. I hope that this year you will spend the festive days with the people you want and in the way you dream! 🙂


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