Can psychotherapy really help us?

Should I start psychotherapy?
Should I start psychotherapy?

That is what a girl asked me some days ago. Below I give in more words the answer that I gave to her.

Psychotherapy can help you if:

  • You believe that nobody else from your social environment could help and support you.
  • You are ready to talk as honestly as possible for yourself and your choices.
  • You are willing to think seriously about issues you were not thinking until now.
  • You believe that human beings can evolve. This is not going to happen by accident or by a miracle, but after personal conscious effort.
  • You are willing to commit that in the future you will try to change some behaviors, thoughts and emotions that were not good for you.
  • You understand that a psychotherapist will not provide you a magical recipe to change your life, but he/she will make you realize what are the best choices for you in order to go on with your life in a much better way.

Psychotherapy cannot help you if:

  • You believe that a conversation with a friend or a psychotherapist is pretty much the same thing.
  • You are not intending to have qualitative conversations with the psychotherapist you will choose to visit.
  • Honestly, you are not willing to try changing anything regarding yourself: thoughts, emotions, behaviors.
  • You are expecting from a psychotherapist to keep talking to you while it should be happening the exact opposite!
  • You are demanding from a psychotherapist to give you solutions for every personal issue that you have in a few sessions.

Now you know a little bit more how and who could be  helped by various psychotherapeutic methods. Make a wise decision for yourself!



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