Do you think that I have any talents?

What is your talentDo you think that I have any talents?” a friend asked me a couple of days ago. “Some people play musical instruments, some others draw paintings, some others write. What do I do?” was the second question of her. “I will tell you what I believe” I said “but first let me know what you consider as a talent”. “Talented is someone when he/she is naturally good to something. In other words, you have a talent when you don’t have to try much, to work a lot for something” she answered. After some thoughts which lasted one or two minutes I responded to her that for me the word “talent” includes more data. I told her that obviously when we say the word “talent” we talk about a natural tendency/inclination or even easiness that we have on a specific domain. For example someone with a good voice he/she was probably born with it. But what does it make a good voice to be amazing? And then I said to her that someone will have an amazing voice only after intense work, effort and devotion. “For me talent is 10% a natural charisma and 90% a result of persistence to bring it out and improve it” I explained.

All well and good” my friend said. “But what do you consider as my talents?”. I enumerated some domains in which I believe she is doing well and quickly I asked her to think in which domain she thinks that she is doing a good job than other domains. Since she could answer to that question, she could start an activity which would help her to develop her talent and from good to be much better. Our conversation continued and suddenly I received another interesting question: “What do you think that you are good at?” I smiled and I mentioned 3 domains that I think I am good at them. “I don’t know whether I am very good yet, but I am absolutely sure that in 10 years I will be much better in what I do in relation to how I am today that we speak”. She found my answer reasonable and she agreed.

Our conversation ended with the general conclusion that we are all born with one or more talents in some domains. Some of us got lucky so they had the chance to improve and get strong their abilities since they were really young. Others were tortured a lot and for various reasons until they got the chance and the way to meet with their natural talents. Obviously, it’s never too late to start to feed a charisma that we were born with. Even if we didn’t do it in a younger age and unfortunately we deprived from ourselves some serious happiness and completion, we should not prevent ourselves from doing it even in an older age since it’s never too late to feel really happy!

So, all you that you many times wondered if you have any talents or felt that you didn’t occupy yourself with something that you loved a lot, today, now, right that moment you could do two things: Try to think what made you happy since your very young age or what you were usually able to manage with not much difficulty. When you will know the answer to that, try to find a simple way to start occupying yourself with it. You don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need to give all your time to it and you don’t need to prove anything to you or to others. What you need to do is to have a lot of fun with it and don’t forget that an improvement of a talent doesn’t come naturally, but demands practice and work. The effort of development doesn’t mean that you are not good to that. It simply means that human beings can always be better to something, as they can always be worse to something too. And if you don’t believe it, just ask one of those people who has been considered as a genius. He/she could inform you about all the tiredness he/she has felt in his/her life and all the patience and the persistence he/she needed to reach the point that others started calling him/her “genius”. Great individuals are not born great. They become great during a lifetime only if they get passionately committed to something.


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