Summer love: will it last?


Most of us, someday, at some summer vacation, we felt a need to find someone to feel charmed or even in love with some help of the sound of waves, the light of the stars, the moon and the sense of light air with an aroma of flowers (Enough romantic my description, right?). Then, what happens when our wishes are heard and become true? If summer love comes up, are we ready for it? Can we live the whole experience accepting that probably it will last for only some days? Otherwise, if we really desire to make our love last until autumn or even winter, do we know which factors will play an important role to that goal? Let’s see one by one our chances.

Why is it so easy to fall in love during summer?

Summer especially in Mediterranean countries is usually hot (high temperatures), so people wear just a few clothes – most of them colorful!. Everyone has the need to take some rest (because of the heat) and there is not such a big interest for work and big effort regarding anything. In other words, most people especially during summer want to have fun, clear their heads, be irresponsible and they are full of enthusiasm for life. Moreover, during the actual vacation days that people probably traveling to an exotic place with sun-tanned, enthusiastic people will want to apply the plan of “having fun without caring about all those things that I have been caring all the previous months”. So, in this kind of atmosphere of joy and summer madness, people come closer, know better each other and if there is too much enthusiasm with a new person, maybe the next thing that comes up is love.

I’m in love. What happens now?

Bravo! These are great news! Being in love is always a beautiful experience which could give and teach us a lot and a summer love – adventure is not at all a bad thing to remember for the rest of your lives!

Since love came up we could live it with all our senses and without over-thinking. It’s summer, we are on vacation and it is not at all a good idea to stop feeling happy and careless and start being melancholic because of thoughts of what happens tomorrow. Every single moment but especially in occasions like that (summer love) we should focus on present events and live what is happening now, what is taking place by this minute. Who knows the future? Is it wise someone start worrying during summer if he/she will end up with a relationship on winter? Just don’t take so seriously your summer relationship and just experience fully every single moment. Don’t underestimate your romance but don’t overestimate it either. What is meant to happen, it will, so at least have the time of your life!

Will love last?

Finding the love of your life in a beautiful place during a summer vacation is more or less a fact like winning the lottery. It can happen, some people already experienced it but no one can assure you that it will happen also to you. However, there are some subjective factors that could play a role for either a relationship to be continued or stopped after vacation.

Emotional availability: It’s important to figure out what we left behind, before we go for holidays, and what the other persons that interests us also left behind. If two people are both single for a long time and they want to be in a serious relationship, then maybe a summer love could have some future. If just one of the two has “unfinished business” left to the place that normally lives, then after the end of holidays he/she will go back to his/her unfinished business.

Permanent place of stay: Important stuff for all the couples, so equally important for summer lovers. The places that both return after their vacation and the distance that is going to be put between them are information that should be taken under consideration. It is really different if after our vacation in an island we both return in the same city or if we both live in near cities than if there is a whole country (or even more) between us. How often people could meet when they live far from each other? Is it easy from being day and night together to go to long-distance relationship?

Compatibility of characters and common interests: Except the intense emotion and the frequent contact, a couple should have some compatibility in some domains to be able to continue their relationship. During holidays we may feel or think that we are perfect for each other, but actually reality could be different. We both love the sea, the sun, water sports, but that doesn’t mean that we will definitely end up living happily ever after. Maybe we like different kinds of music, maybe we read different books (or maybe only one here is reading and the other not), maybe our social environments don’t match so much, maybe we have different life-styles. There are hundreds of factors that could make a couple compatible or not. If two people can live happily in an idyllic place by the sea but also to a cloudy, greyish city, then there are a lot of possibilities this couple to remain together for a long time!

Conclusion: If you fall in love this summer, then just feel lucky about it and have all the fun of your life! We don’t fall in love every day so just take this experience as a gift – even a temporary one – and stop analyzing life, even for now! So much analysis is really bad especially if you moved to a place with high temperatures! You will know really soon whether your romance will have a happy end: as soon as your holidays will come to an end and you both have returned to your homes. If your relationship will keep going, I wish you both have a nice winter together! If your relationship will end after summer, just keep the nice memories and be prepared for the next big love that life will bring to your life. And this one could be something else than a summer one, who knows!


Bonus: Favorite movies about summer loves to keep you company until the end of summer!


Dirty dancing


500 days of Summer


The Notebook


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