Waiting for the right moment

20150730_132621Most of us have said many times phrases like “I am waiting for the right moment”. We usually believe that there is a perfect moment for something to happen in our lives or for us to do something that we kept postponing it for a long time. But are there right moments? Should we wait for ideal conditions before we act?

Certainly all moments and conditions are not same. Sometimes a thing could seem really easy and some other times could seem extremely difficult. How much difficulty seems to be raised or decreased based on our mood or our personal view? Based on our feelings and thoughts difficult task sometimes could seem doable while simple tasks could seem impossible. Can we be active no matter what are the current conditions?

The answer is yes, we can. How? Only if we focus on now. Think about it: What else we have except now? Only the present is here with us. Past is already far away. Future didn’t come yet. The only thing we have is this moment. If no one was able to give us a guarantee for today, no one could do the same for tomorrow. Our only fortune is now and with this little fortune we will keep going.

So we are here today. What are we doing? We act! Not impulsively, no need to rush. We are not in a life race. We are not in a hurry to reach some point. Action is not necessarily intense moving. Usually it can be just some peaceful breathing. Sometimes you just sit silent and focused on now and in this way you are more successfully active than ever.

What should we promise to ourselves? That the thing we have to do or we are able to do it today it is better if we don’t leave it for tomorrow. Since tomorrow is so insecure, let’s act today that we still can.

We often don’t figure it out. We let the moments pass and we keep believing that we will have many similar chances to do one and only thing. However, this is not always true. Every day life gets different than yesterday. People change every minute. Maybe slightly, but they change. Tomorrow we will be different from what we are today. So, we cannot know whether what we wanted to do yesterday in a specific way, if it can happen today in the same way. Maybe it cannot happen at all. Not anymore. Unfair? Perhaps. But life could change really fast and suddenly than what we expect. However, we should not be afraid of that scenario but we should feel happiness and satisfaction in our daily, little moments. If we realize more often that some moments will never come back and some situations will never be the same, then we would have many more happy moments to remember than we may have now.

Just remember that your time is not endless and that’s why your life is so precious! Today start doing all those things that you left to do them later.

If you postponed a date with a friend for such a long time, call him/her tonight.

If you wanted to read a book for so many days, read the first pages today.

If you had in mind for such a long time to taste a specific food, then look for it in a restaurant near by or even better cook it by yourself!

If you were planning for so many years to go a specific trip, start saving money today and I bet that in one year you will be really close to make your dream come true.

If you constantly aim to learn a new language that you love, start saying some first beautiful words today.

If you didn’t go to that nice park close to your place, take a walk today when you will have some free time.

If you talked with a beloved person today and you forgot to mention that you love him/her you still have time to call and say to him/her that you forgot to do something really important.

I wish you to feel frequently that your days are full of unique, unrepeatable moments which won’t magically exist in your life. You will create them. Every day, by truly acting.

Bonus video: Leo Buscaglia explains the power of now!


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