Positive Psychology Exercises to try at home or anywhere else you wish


In a few hours a new year is about to begin. I think the best way for us to start enjoying it is by creating new positive habits for ourselves, right? Below I am suggesting you some positive psychology exercises that could make your life much better if you start daily applying them.

Exercise of gratitude

A simple exercise which takes only two minutes of thinking and it could be done before you sleep. Just think three positive facts that happened during the day that could make you feel grateful. By doing this daily exercise you could realize that no matter ho many unpleasant facts may occur in a day there are always three reasons to say “thank you”.

Exercise of generosity

Put a small daily goal to make a “present” to someone that doesn’t expect it. It won’t be necessarily some action of financial support to someone (which is by the way the most common and easy act of support). It is better if you decide to be totally focused or conscious on someone who doesn’t expect/asks for help or some favor but maybe he/she needs it. That need could be a smile, a positive phrase, a hug, a proposition for a walk or anything else you could think or you will think in the future. Remain open in the possibility to offer a part of yourselves to others and the chances to fulfill it will always be more than enough.

Exercises of concentration

This category of exercises contains meditation exercises and also exercises to stay focused on actions/situations that happen now. For example our concentration to food while we are eating is a very nice exercise of experiencing present, now. During your meals try to use your senses in order to experience fully that specific moments: taste your food, chew in a stable rhythm, feel the sense of food inside your mouth. Try to understand why you find it pleasant. Otherwise appreciate what you eat (even if it is not your favorite), accept that some other time you will taste something that you like more and remain focused as much as you can on your actions until you finish eating.

Exercises of (raising) self-esteem

Try to remember that the better our internal energy is, the stronger is what we show to others around us. In order our internal energy to be raised stable provision of love to ourselves and right reinforcement of our self-esteem through various methods is needed. For example it is good once a week to write down what we had succeed during the previous 6-7 days. By noticing the small and the big successes in our lives we will support our believes that we are capable and strong for a lot of things. Since we have already done important things, we could do even more in the upcoming years.

Physical exercise

No exercise of positive thinking is enough for someone who aims to reach true well-being in his/her life. Regular physical exercise helps our bodies, affects our brains so our moods. Depending on your age, your possible health problems you may choose even a mild form exercise (e.g. walking is good for different targets of people) and start applying it at least three times a week for about half an hour.

Until my next post which would be uploaded during January 2016 I wish you a great New Year’s Day and may the new year bring you “presents” that you wished and dreamed for a long time!


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