What I will be when I grow up?


Since we remember ourselves as kids we can recall a lot of people around us asking us “What you will be when you grow up?”. We were giving different answers such as a policeman, a doctor, a florist, a writer depending on the age we were, the tastes and the influences of those phases. After some age we were those who were asking ourselves “What I will be when I grow up?”. For every human being this decision is unique and its finalization depends on various factors (e.g. salary, professional status, easy professional settlement, creativity and flexibility into the professional environment, cost of studies or duration of studying to a college). Everyone based on their dreams, ambitions and the way they fantasize their future they are asked to make the best decision. But what someone should remember before and after this big decision?

What are the needs of international and local market today?

There was a time that Medical studies or studies in Law and Education were considered great as these alumni were earning high incomes. Nowadays market has changed and many jobs that used to be well-paid, today are in crisis. Professional settlement is a really important factor for someone to consider in order to choose a specific profession and that is why data of job offers and asking should be taken into account by future workers. Of course we cannot decide how we will live based on numbers but we should not forget that some statistic information could help us make good decisions regarding studies or job hunting.

Don’t study for many years, stop collecting diplomas and useless certificates. Try to practice whatever you learn.

Nowadays most people tend to be highly educated but the same time they are the most poorly-paid generation of well-educated people. People with many skills and talents go for the simplest jobs since there not many jobs for much educated workers. During the years many people will hang their diplomas on walls and they will do something completely simple and practical or something they have never imagined they will do. A sign of a changing society? Yes, no doubt about that. Until we see where this ship goes with all of us on it we should remain intelligent and flexible. We should not offer unbelievable money to universities that promise us bright careers unless we are one of these few people that they will have a job before even they graduate (true that some years ago that could happen). We should not spend many years of our lives listening to people who promise to tell us “big secrets” that could save us or change our lives forever. Some of the most important stuff are taught through personal experience so don’t spend money to those who promise you a professional prestige. Be volunteers, do an internship (even if this is not the first time you do it!), work for pennies with someone more experienced and always ask to learn.

Anytime someone could change professional orientation

Do you feel that you chose the wrong profession? Don’t you like what you do? Do you think that you cannot live decently with the job you have? No matter what is the issue, no matter how bad things seem you should always remember that you can change your minds. Turn around, take a different direction. Sometimes it just seems impossible or you may believe that it is too late but most of the times it is not. There is always a solution even if you don’t see it the very first time. There is always another way to take even if it takes time or it is demanding. All the things in life need time and energy but the belief that you follow the right path could make you keep trying.

The final and the most important: We should love what we do – even a little.

In our era most people won’t make as much money as probably they would ten years ago by doing the same job. Financial crisis is international and there is not a profession that has be uninfluenced. Of course some professionals experience lack of jobs and financial problems much more than others, but this inequality is also a sign of a general crisis which expands like a disease everywhere. If we have a chain with ten rings and suddenly we make seven of them weaker, for how long the other three will be able to keep the chain? And in the end how wonderful is a chain with only three rings? Regardless of the fact that we should act practically to survive we should simultaneously remember that it is too difficult to fight for something that is slightly interesting or not interesting at all. Find a balance between survival and a job you like since the energy you have now you will also need it in the future to manage all the difficulties that will come.

Is there any professional advice has been given to you and you find it useful? I am waiting comments from your personal experiences.

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