Tips to rock exams!


All of us at least once in our lives we were asked to give some exams or we are about to give an exam in the near future. Now, imagine that you have to study hard, to make clear and understandable what you read and then to keep in your mind all the necessary stuff in order to write as better as you can in the final exam. How difficult can be our preparation for an exam in order to have a positive final result? The right preparation is based on some factors that are analysed below.

Start studying as early as possible: Try to have enough time to study and then to have a repetition before the day you give your exam.

Try to have a steady tempo of studying: If you read 100 pages during a day and 10 pages the next one then you don’t get the sense of extensive studying and additionally this could become dangerous as the day of the exam comes closer. Your goal is to know deeply your material, so try to decide how much you are going to study every day and keep your initial decision. In this way your brain will get used to the fact that every day you should learn a specific amount of knowledge.

Don’t interrupt your study to do other activities: It is too difficult to get focused on studying especially if there is something else important that demands attention and time from you. Try to finish with all the necessary tasks of the day before you start studying and remember that all the non-important stuff could be done some days later. After your exams you will have plenty of time to be busy with all the activities you left for a while.

Don’t stay always at home in order to study: If the idea of staying inside your room for days to study seems awful, then you should take your books and notes and “move” somewhere else. Try the public library of your neighborhood or the apartment of a friend where you could study together. It’s impressive how effective can be a change of environment in the way some people study.

Try to save some time to do things that you love: Don’t “lock” yourselves inside all the time in order to study. If you keep a steady tempo of studying (as it is mentioned above) you will have some time to meet friends, to have a drink or watch a movie with them. Just don’t overdo it with alcohol since you need some clear mind to keep studying!

Try to relax before the exams: Before the beginning of your exams try to have a walk in a place that makes you feel relaxed (e.g. a park or a beach) and empty your mind. Also, meditation could help you a lot to be calm and balanced for your exams.

Never stop believing that you will make it: Be strong and full of confidence during the exam. Even if you are not sure for an answer or if you realize that some material was not studied properly by you don’t stop trying. Maybe you will be surprised by the final result.

This is not your first or your last exam: Our lives are full of exams and tests we are asked to pass. All of us need from time to time to reach our goals by exceeding difficulties. When we stop trying actually we stop living and doing the best we can. So no matter what happens in an exam you should know that you can always resit in an exam. And this is something really positive!


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