Ways to “touch” love


In Leo Buscaglia’s book “Love” it’s mentioned that love is something that is taught, learned and built slowly. Human-beings are not born knowing how to love others and actually it happens the exact opposite thing: all of us were born selfish and egocentric. If you notice a human being in the age of 1 or 2 years old you will see his/her need to have all the attention and love for himself/herself. As time passes and a child gets older he/she will learn how to share, to give, to love. The way to love never ends. Even in our adulthood we don’t stop to be “babies” that want all the love for ourselves while we simultaneously fight to learn how to share ourselves, our lives, our emotions.

Is there something that could block all this way to love? According to some health mental specialists one of the greatest obstacles to love is lack of experience and knowledge of love. In other words human-beings don’t love enough, not necessarily because we don’t want to but maybe due to the fact we don’t know how to love. We don’t know how to create experiences of love, we don’t know how to give ourselves to others. Moreover, we often believe that loving someone is a difficult and demanding procedure and we forget that because of love we could experience great moments of pleasure and happiness. If there is someone close to us who could frequently remind us that love keeps us alive and give us ideas of how we could love then maybe all of us we could be better in loving.

I hope that this post will give you some good ideas of how you could love every-day a little more, a little better.

Offer something small but useful to other people: Offer your seat in a bus or metro, your sandwich that you don’t want to eat, the ticket you don’t need any more, guidance or information to someone that seems lost. Spend some seconds to show to someone that you are here, focused, listening to him/her. Say something nice, positive to someone that really needs to hear something good.

Adopt a dog: Unfortunately there are thousands of dogs that need a place to stay, a family to take care of them. If you have some time and energy bring a new friend to your place and get prepared to feel what unconditional love is. There will be a few people that will love you with the devotion and tenderness that your dog loves you.

Meditate: Send some positive energy to universe and feel it hugging you back!

Read books about love: What is better than learning more about the subject that interests you?

Make someone laugh: Laughter is life and offering life is one of the greatest acts of love.

Don’t judge negatively someone or a situation you don’t know well: Studying and knowing something different can make us only richer.

Offer voluntary services: You don’t do it for others but for yourself. Offering without expecting something back give us the greatest reward: we are taught how to love beyond ourselves but for ourselves.

Work pro bono: Depending on your profession you will see if there is a chance of offering your professional services for free, to people that cannot pay you for various reasons. Sometimes all of us we should offer the experience and the knowledge that we gained hardly but not for money. We should apply our profession for the joy of the work itself which could include idealistic purposes.

Defend the rights of a minority even if you are not at all related to it: We cannot say that we love if we don’t claim a better world for all the people.

Travel as much as you can: Nobody who travels can be a racist.

Offer your hug to someone that needs it: Researches have shown that we need at least four hugs per day to survive while we need many more to reduce our stress, to be more functional and complete in our everyday life. What are you waiting for? Start offering happiness by hugging.

Say “I love you” to all your beloved ones: Try to say it as much as you can. Love is not a fact. It’s not boring, nobody gets tired of listening that people love him/her. Don’t let life passing without saying to your important people how you feel.

Talk about love: You will be surprised with how many people want to hear or talk about love.

A list with everyday acts of love cannot end. Let’s hope that we will keep our hearts open to see and reproduce love in any chance we may have.

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