10 things you should know about panic attacks

20150411_171524Panic attacks consist a psychological disorder with intense physical and mental symptoms which has begun or it is going to begin in 4% of peoples’ lives around the world. Every day we read or hear through media people talking about their experiences – their first thoughts, their emotions and physical senses – during the period of intense and frequent panic attacks and usually they explain in which way they managed to control and get over intense symptoms of panic attacks and returned back to their normal routine.

Nowadays, you can find a huge variety of information, details and stories regarding panic attacks. Today, I will refer 10 basic things that you should know about panic attacks in order to start seeing the “dragon” inside you less horrifying. Read More »

When work can actually “kill” you

"Time to relax?"
“Time to relax?”

In this article we are going to discuss two somewhat new mental syndromes which affect firstly our professional life and secondly our personal life. These two syndromes are “burn-out syndrome” and “karoshi syndrome”. There are both similarities and differences between them.Read More »

What does someone who is diagnosed with schizophrenia “hear”?

"Hearing voices?"
“Hearing voices?”

From time to time many of us have wondered what exactly does someone diagnosed with schizophrenia hear? There is so much information and so many myths around this subject that it is really difficult for somebody who is not a mental health professional to know what exactly is happening in minds of people that are diagnosed with schizophrenia.

To summarize, someone who is diagnosed with schizoprenia could hear different kinds of voices that had to do with:

-persecution (e.g. someone thinks that is being chased by somebody else)

-insults (e.g. someone thinks that people speak really bad or pejoratively about him/her)

-comments (e.g. someone thinks that is being judged badly about something)Read More »